Monday, June 10, 2013

Dustin's Better

In New York, for some reason they've Mariano-ized Robinson Cano, meaning they've decided that there just simply aren't any other second basemen in the league. It's known to all that he is in a class by himself, for now and always. Francesa even said the other day that there is only ONE second baseman who "does what he does."

We Red Sox fans know different, of course. And while "Ca...NO, Peg" has the power numbers (HR, RBI, SLG) on his side, let's see what other categories he's beating Pedroia in. I'll show the winner in each category (each guy has played roughly the same amount of games and has roughly the same amount of at bats), and then we'll do the math:

AVG: Pedroia (by 61 [SIXTY-ONE] points)
OBP: Pedroia (by 76 [SEVENTY-SIX] points)
OPS: Pedroia
R: Pedroia
H: Pedroia
2B: Pedroia
BB: Pedroia
K: Pedroia (meaning he has fewer)
SB: Pedroia

So that's, what, whisper whisper whisper, carry the proverbial one, whisper Zero other categories. And Dustin's only 5 RBI behind. And we know he has pop. Just not that extra-juicy, shorty-fenced pop that Cano has. Pedroia's also at least 4 inches shorter, 50 pounds lighter, and a half-piano slower, making him, pound-for-pound, inch-by-inch, and step-by-step, easily the better ballplayer. And while Yankee fans live in a world where Cano's fielding is the best in the world (which makes sense when your world only consists of one player at that position), the rest of us know what an incredible fielder Dustin is. And all the balls that get past Cano because he refuses to dive, those are the ones Pedroia dives for and gets. This is better. There's no "he gets to every ball so he doesn't NEED to dive." That is what we call "bullshit."

WAR (position players)

Baseball Reference (AL ranking)
Pedroia - #1 (that's right, ahead of Cabrera)
Cano - #12

Fangraphs (MLB-ranking)
Pedroia - #14
Cano - #51 (!)

And ... Fangraphs UZR (MLB-ranking)
Pedroia - #7
Cano - #17

It's not even a fucking contest.

Pedroia - 136
Cano - 125

And while Yankee fans live in a world where Cano's fielding is the best in the world...

Well, if you compare Mr. Canoehead to Derek Jeter....

One of my favourite Cano plays in field is his fielding Ellbury's infield hit on Opening Day, bobbling the ball, and then throwing weakly enough to home that Jonny Gomes is able to score. From SECOND BASE. There truly is nobody who does what he does.

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