Sunday, June 23, 2013


Webster did pretty well if you take away that one swing by Victor. But we are not Yankee fans. We can't keep the good and pretend the bad didn't happen. ("Here are the 37 bad months that kept Jeter from being MVP every year of his career!") So we got our asses kicked, 10-3. Today at 1:08 it's Doub against Verl as we try to StS.

Toronto has finally caught somebody. They're now tied for 4th after their 10th straight win. So the division, in losses, goes:

Us 32
Os 33
Hos 33
Ehs 36
Raze 37

We've got a 2-game lead, and still the best record in the A.L.

After today we've got a day off, then we go home for the Rockies, Jays (who should be conveniently cooling off right at that point), and Padres. Both of the N.L. teams are lingering around .500, but are within 4 of the lead in the N.L. West.

Who knew losing 3 of 4 was a sweep ? We beat them friday so not so sure we are trying to stop the sweep today ;-)

(tried to come up with an alternative for StS but failed and hoping for a creative answer/alternative to act as a get out of jail free card).
Salvage the Split!

(I can see where that'd be confusing....)
Just occurred to me it could be save the series and you had a different terminology than that. :-)

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