Monday, June 17, 2013

Bad Day

Hours ago, I assumed the Yanks won, since they were up 6-0 in the 9th. Now at 1 a.m. I see they almost blew it. Mo gets a "Save" for coming in and going groundout, single, single, single, walk, strikeout. The K was against Pujols with the bases loaded. 6-5 final. God damn it. Oh well, at least they don't gain much confidence. It's so funny how the dumbass radio callers went from "we're so good we should keep Overbay at first even when Teixeira comes back because he had like 4 big hits" to "let's write off this season and look forward to 2014 in about three weeks.

So the lead is back to 3. And 1.5 over the O's who took three of four from us with a 6-3 win Sunday. We couldn't do much of anything against Gonzalez, and Lester continued his recent mediocre-at-best streak. We've got Monday off, then a day-night doobler against Tampa on Tuesday.

Don Burgundy stuff:

How the fuck has Don never been on fucking Eutaw Street? How long has he been going to Camden Yards? How many times a year? I think he's made about 37 trips there as a Red Sox announcer. And he didn't know about the little ball markers beyond the right field fence until today. It's like the first thing you see when you enter the gates! Not that he'd be entering that way normally, but wouldn't you think in all those years, covering more than 100 games, he would have taken a little stroll around the place? I'm not asking him to explore the vast reaches of the left field upper deck or the janitor's closet, but Eutaw Street? Kind of the key to the whole damn place.

Why does Don's wikipedia page say one of his nicknames is "Donny Man"?

And is the woman named Orsillo on WCBS 880 related to him? Funny how NYC lately has had a Castiglione (Joe's son) doing sports, a Bill Buchner--with an H--on traffic, and now an Orsillo.

Bad job by Don in the 3rd today. He said the O's came into the inning with a 1-0 lead and have tacked on two more. Nope. All three came in that inning.

On the ball down the third base line that hit the runner just as he was getting back to the bag: why didn't they talk about it more? They weren't even gonna show a replay until Farrell came out to talk about it. Then they just kind of said "this happened." Eckersley has to come through there and talk about how if it hits the guy in fair territory he's out, unless he's on the bag, in which case the ball's in play and it's probably a base hit. And since the ball hit the guy's leg, just as that leg's foot is about to hit third, I don't know how it's not right over the foul line. I think the runner should have been out! But our friendly announcers not only didn't see that, they didn't even let people know what any of it would have meant to the game.

Great job by NESN uncovering the shot of Carp wincing as he got to second, after he was pulled from the game once he got to third on a later play. And I say that sarcastically because all of us (except for Dona and Eck, apparently) saw the limping on the live play in the first place!

As for the game-ending play from Saturday, I wondered if Don/Eck had come around, and realized the runner didn't forget how many outs they were. Well, they showed the play again, and said "we'll never know" what he was thinking. I still say if you watch the guy, he very clearly slows down to watch the ball, and then makes a decision that it's gonna drop in, at which points he starts sprinting. If he thought there were two outs, why would he, especially as the tying run in the ninth inning, hesitate at all? He was running as if he had a decision to make, go or not go. When there are two outs, there's no decision when you're at first. You just go.


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