Saturday, June 01, 2013

Backfired Up

Well, looking at the headline about Girardi (see my last post), we've got this:

Following ejection, Girardi admits umps got call right

Haha! Nice try, Girardi. Nobody was buying your crap. Well, actually, maybe lots of people did, I only checked that one source. If anybody finds a "Girardi fires up team" headline, let me know.

Look at that A.L. East jumbling up. Yanks 1 back, O's 1.5, Rays 2.

Had to watch this one on MLB Network. Had the sound down by the time of the ejection. Couldn't bring myself to turn it back up to hear what Costas had to say about it. I'm sure he way over-statistized it or told a story from way back to prove to himself how smart he is. - daddybcat
I saw the end of that fourth Yanks-Mets game with Costas, and he was so rooting for the Yanks, it was terrible. (They also played "Right Now" by Van Halen going to the bottom of ninth with the Yanks losing, and it just HAPPENED to start at the line "turn this thing around...right now!")

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