Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Ace & Doubler For The 1-2 Sweep

Except for the team we played, nobody in our division lost today. Yet we extended our lead on every single one of them. Yanks rained out, so we gain a full game on them with our two wins. They're 4 back. The O's beat Verlander, so we only gain a half on them, putting them 2.5 behind. The Jays won their 7th in a row but fall to 8.5 back. And of course we gain 2 on the Rays who are now 7 out.

Pretty sweet day at Fenway. I would have liked to have been there--long rain delays mean better seats, fun fans, and a greater chance for a foul ball. In the end, after a 10-hour day, we sweep the Rays. Only the Cardinals have a better record than Boston in all of baseball.

In game one, the key to me was the 2nd. Aceves had a 1-0 lead, but walked the first two, then after getting Wil Myers out on the first pitch he saw in his career, he gave up an RBI double to the Racist. A walk loaded the bases, and it looked like serious trouble. But he got a huge double play from the Homophobe to end the inning. Two innings later, Papi singled home two and we never trailed again. The long delay came after the game was official. It was bottom 5 and we were up 4-1. Toward the end of the delay, I put on EEI in my car, and heard Holley talking about how the game wasn't official yet. Unbelievable.

We tacked on one more (on a Victorino triple where every person in the world was wondering if he'd go for three, except Don and the NESN crew, who seemed to not understand how baseball is announced or broadcasted) for a 5-1 win.

Then game two started, almost an hour after its original start time. (It was supposed to start six hours after the first game!) Doubront was awesome, going 8 strong. He left with a 1-0 lead which we'd had all night, as Nava had donged in the second. But Bailey pulled a Bailey, and after one batter in the ninth, it was tied again. But he didn't give up any more runs, and pretty soon Jonny Wad Gomes was dropkicking his helmet as he ran into the celebratory pile. The two-run dong led to each member of the Rays walking off the field while the Red Sox ran onto the field only to have everyone say....oh forget it. We swept the doubleheader. Or maybe we "got swept"! Huh? Huh?

Wednesday night Dempster goes for the series sweep.


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