Wednesday, May 08, 2013

Yanks Lose To Rockies, And Other Baseball News

We had a shot tonight, until the Twins put it away with 4 in the 8th, an inning that started with two consecutive errors by Pedro. (Glad Wakefield noticed the slight bad hop on the first one in the postgame, unlike Orsillo and former infielder Remy.) We also had Middlebrooks and Ross collide--both would eventually leave the game. 6-1 loss, but we've still got the best record in baseball and we're two up on the Yanks, who got Chicagoed in Colorado. Francesa has been making a huge deal about how worried about the Yanks as they leave for this trip. They did not disappoint in game one. Anyway, the O's jump into second place, a game behind us.

Was flipping around after the game and saw four doofuses sitting around on that CSNNE channel, and they had this graphic up:

"Red Sox Have Had Trouble Scoring Runs This Season"

You know how many teams in all of baseball have scored more runs per game than the Red Sox in 2013? Five! I later flipped by again and saw they had "Blanking Out" up there. Do they know we scored a run tonight? I hope most fans realize these shows are total jokes at this point, done solely to get ratings by inventing problems.

Hilarious photo caption from a Daily News article about that Mickey Mantle corking controversy:

"Mantle, who died in 1995 at age 63, was a celebrity of Derek Jeter-caliber during his heyday."

I kid you not, I didn't make that up. That's a real sentence written by some type of journalist. Or at least a captioner.


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