Friday, May 24, 2013

Warning: Lackey And Pedro Mentioned In Same Sentence Ahead

Sox beat Cleveland 8-1 at wet Fenway. Lackey (Big Lack as Castig calls him) was what he isn't, or wasn't what he is, tonight, going 7 strong and exhibiting an almost Pedro-esque recoil at the end of his delivery. Or maybe he always does that but it just looks better when he's actually pitching well.

We beat my beloved old pal Burn-Bat Masterson. Carp's 3-run dong gave us an early lead. The Carp-athian had been Hit-tite-less in his previous 21 at bats. The game was still close at stretch time*, but a two-run single by Ellsbury turned 4-1 into 6-1, and you could turn your sets off there, folks. Pedroia also singled in two later in the frame. On the Ellsbury single, Swisher got a glove on the ball, ensuring that two runs would score. Don/Remy didn't mention that for some reason.

The Yanks won, but they probably lost Granderson again with a broken finger. So we're still 1 game back. No team in the A.L. has a better record over its/their last ten games than the Red Sox.

*I think I've mentioned this before, but no one ever thinks to stand at the 7th-inning stretch until the PA person says to. Every game I go to, the top of the 7th ends, I stand up, and wait as every single person in my section sits there. Then they get the memo, and the "feels like an asshole" baton is passed from me to them.


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