Wednesday, May 15, 2013


Every once in a while I see this really long local commercial for this place called Ocean State Cardiovascular & Vein Center. The whole time, they've got their logo on the bottom of the screen. Check it out:

Cardiovasular! Spelling your own company name wrong is already unforgivable, but doing it in your logo is...impossible, I would think. Guess not. This place calls itself "world class." But next time I need cardiovascular and/or vein work, I'll be choosing any other place. In fact, if you've got cardiovascular or vein issues, why not stop in to my brand new business:

Go to them, or come to the best. Jere's CardiovasCular & Vein. 117 N. Vine St., Hollywood, CA 90028. A Merv Griffin Television Production.

So I'm still obsessed with that cloud. I finally got a non-cloud/fog shot from a spot I photographed a few days ago. Here are the before and after pics. These are not altered in any way.

Lester v. Price, 7:10.


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