Thursday, May 02, 2013

Two Random Fenway Things

1. We all, meaning some of us, know that in the lower seating "bowl" at Fenway, you can go anywhere, unlike at most other ballparks. The exceptions are the owners' boxes on the home side of each dugout, and, for the last few years, the two field box sections behind home plate. I've always been under the impression they did that to stop fans from going down there to wave at the camera while talking on their phone, and worse, standing up at the same time. This year, I've been noticing way more of the "I clearly don't have a ticket in this section" types behind the plate during broadcasts, so I wondered if they finally went back to leaving these sections unprotected, like all the other field boxes. At my last Fenway game, I was walking around there toward the end of the game, and I'm pretty sure there were no guards at their old stations, and that little chain was down. So I'm not 100%, but we may have the old freedom back. I'll have to try and sit down there next time.

2. Last Sunday, while the Astros were taking BP, one of the grounds crew was walking along the warning track in left field, pushing a wheel barrel/barrow. Hitter lines one toward the Wall. It's right near the guy. He sees it's going just over his head so he doesn't flinch, just keeps right on walking. Ball clanks off wall, goes straight into his wheelbarroewl and stays. He doesn't break stride. All the Astros cheer. It was probably the highlight of their year.

Sox/Jays, latex game, 7:07. Then it's off to Tejas.

Mom here.
Funny you should bring that up. Our friend Craig, the security guard, was kicking polite, harmless kids out of the front row to the right of the visitors' dugout during the NINTH INNING! I think the seats' owners should decide if they want their seats to stay empty at the end of the game. (I really love it that these prime ticket holders aren't the fans that those kids were. It was the kind of game* that's so great that you don't care that you're frozen solid--you want to stay and cheer your boys and serenade them with Dirty Water.)
*4/22 A's, a Grand Salami and a Middlebrooks homer besides.
I agree that for those "protected" seats, as long as the people leave, let someone else take them. But for that spot, at both dugouts, I think they're worried about having yahoos there since they'd be practically face to face with the manager and could not only disrupt things but him in the face if they were so inclined. A few years back, those two extra rows were added, putting fans *next to* the top step of the dugout instead of set back from it. I think they decided to be careful about who gets in there at that point.
Mom here.

I did not know that.

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