Tuesday, May 07, 2013

These Guys

Drew's brother was the star tonight, going 3 for 4 and driving in the winning run to cap off a 2-out rally in the bottom of the 11th. He also was called out at home earlier when he was actually safe, though if he'd just slid in much lower it would've made the ump's call easier.

Pedroia broke a tie in the 8th with a light tower power dong, prompting the two men shown here to go nuts. Hanrahan shit the bed as he's wont to do, blowing the save and sending it to extras. He left the game with an injury, and Bailey's already on the DL. And you know what? When you let the guy who knows how to close the door walk, as we did with Papelbon for reasons I'll never understand, you don't need to go with one closer. And that's a good thing when you've got a lot of solid arms in your 'pen. So maybe we can do that for a while, and see if either of our closers can eventually figure out how to A. be healthy and B. close.

That Twins pitcher gave us a gift on Salty's grounder in the 11th which started the rally. In classic 2011-present "everything's a hit" style, they actually gave Salty a hit. But I don't know how much more error-y you can get than picking up a routine grounder cleanly and throwing it nowhere near first base with the runner still steps away from the bag. Either way, that gift started it all.

And then on the final hit, the left fielder could have caught the ball. It hit about waist-high on the scoreboard. But for some reason, Don/Rem/TC/Wake decided this wasn't even something worthy of discussion. Seems to me like it'd be the only thing to discuss on that play, but I'm just some guy.

Ortiz extends to 26 with his double in the 8th.

And don't forget we were down 3-0 and 4-1 in this game, after having been swept. It was huge to get this win. Texas lost and St. Louis was idle, so we're back to having the best record in baseball. The lead is 2 in the east.

Look at this horse shit in NESN's box score. They only show the most recent nine innings in the linescore. I know mlb.com does this too, but at least they have a tiny arrow you can click to reveal the first few innings. But to not have it at all is preposterous! You just don't know how many runs were scored and when in each of the first two innings. In a 20-inning game, you'd be clueless on the first 11 innings of the game. The only way to figure it out is to go to "gameview" and then look at each missing inning's details. But you shouldn't have to do that. How are they not fixing this? (I just checked some other places. SI.com is also on board with the "final 9 innings only, with no scroll-back arrow" method. All you can do there is go to the play-by-play to figure it out. Same deal with Yahoo, though they give you the most recent ten innings. ESPN has the novel idea of...actually showing all innings in the linescore.) Oh well, at least I got to see this article about Otis Nixon cracking and driving. Check out that mug shot!

Speaking of NESN eff-ups: During Sunday's game, there was a scroll all day long showing the Bruins being in the "Stanley Cup Quarterfinals." I don't give a or know shit about hockey, but I'm pretty sure they're in the first round, and I'm pretty sure it's the same number of teams in the playoffs as the NBA. So wouldn't this be the...eighth-finals? In other words, the conference quarterfinals. Then it's conf. semis, then conf. finals, then Stanley Cup finals. I could be wrong, but I don't think I saw the word "conference" in there. If I'm right, terrible job, NESN.


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