Thursday, May 02, 2013

The Water Will Run

That was a bigger win than my subconscious seems to be letting on. Tight game all the way, and several chances for the Jays toward the end. TazManiac gets out of the 7th with bases loaded; Ue "Scarlett O" hara blows away JP Lix and the Soured Melk Man with the tying run at the plate to end the 8th; and Hammer sounds the bell because school's in, sucka, getting three quick outs after letting the leadoff man get on in the 9th. It was a nice surprise to get that game-ending DP. For some reason I just wasn't thinking it, but rather thought "get this guy and then we're one out away."

So we're the first team to 20 wins, at 20-8, 2.5 up on the idle Yanks. And 10.5 over the preseason champion Blue Jays!

Carp-athian had another big Hit-tite tonight, though his average dropped to .464.

Whenever David Ross is batting, I think it's Mike Lowell for a second.

Papi's note he held up to the camera said, to the best of my memory, "Saludo a Robinson en Villa Juana." Anyone who took the mandatory third-of-a-semester of Spanish in 6th grade (per East Ridge Middle School's policy circa '86) knows that he was basically saying hi to someone named Robinson in a place called Villa Juana. A quick check on the town name tells me it's a section of Santo Domingo, which would make sense. It's funny how Remy was clueless. Come on, at least know that Robinson means Robinson! [P.S. In Jane's Addiction's "Stop," didn't you always think it was weird how the girl at the beginning says "Juana's Adiccion" instead of "Adiccion de Juana"? There's no apostrophe-S in Spanish! Maybe there's an exception for proper names....]

It was funny when Papi stuck his finger in Salty's ear. Did anybody ask what that was about?

Don and Rem moment of the night: Remember when (I think) Drew bluffed toward second? It seemed like an obvious, pre-planned bluff. He took a fake running step or two, followed by the big-step-and-stop a la Ike Hilliard (keep it rolling for the replay, he not only fools both defenders but the cameraman). Yet Remy kept going on and on about how sometimes you don't get a good jump and you have to stop and go back. To me it was obvious from the get-go, as you could see him stop on the live shot before they cut to the home plate view. (Yet Don--who's AT the park mind you, was still fooled and originally said "he's going" before realizing he wasn't.)

Don and Rem other moment of the night: I know we all get excited on a strikeout where the ball gets away and the guy runs to first, before we realize that there was a guy on first, and there were fewer than two outs and therefore the batter is out regardless. All I'm saying is, it took Don *quite* a while to realize this. I do think that some of the blame when it comes to these guys' skills goes to the fact that they are forced to read so many ads and promos at a near constant rate, it's kind of hard to pay attention to what they're presumably supposed to be doing. I'm just talking about their actual game-announcing. I still love it when they goof around and laugh hysterically.

It's as bad as when there were men on first and second ,and Don kept insisting the bases were

That's not the only mistake in the Spanish intro to "Ritual de lo Habitual". Yes, it always bugged me.

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