Wednesday, May 08, 2013

The Cloud

Thing about Newport is it has its own weather systems. And I don't mean that in a "if you don't like the weather in [insert my town or area here], wait five minutes!" kind of way. I mean that there's something about that island that makes it have different weather than everything around it. I'll never forget a few years ago when Kim and I did Cliff Walk, and a giant cloud walked along side us, all the way to the beach, at which point we walked around in it. Turns out this is a common thing, as I've discovered working in that area. Monday night, a cloud came in and sat on First Beach. Tuesday, when I got back there, it was still there. I don't call it fog, fog's different. Or maybe that's what fog means. But I think of this as being inside a cloud. I did a bootleg dash-cam video of me driving into and back out of the cloud:

I hope you can tell by the white sky and sudden lack of shadows that I was going through the cloud, but if not, here's a comparison of what it normally looks like at that spot (Google Maps Street View, left) and my video (right).

A few hours earlier, I walked around in the cloud on the beach:

Also got a shot of it rolling in, coming over the sea wall:

Maybe this whole thing is the effect of the sun hitting the cold water. Because it's obviously moving, yet it appears to stay over one large area. But then why wouldn't it do that every sunny day? And in every place where there's water? Can some scientist help me out?


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