Friday, May 31, 2013

Sox Trail Fake-Fired Up Yanks At Stretch

We're only down 2, this game isn't over, but I'm just saying, if we lose, I officially call a fake-fire-up by Girardi. With Sabathia up 2-0 and dominating, Girardi pretended to get mad over a call that wasn't egregious, knowing he'd get credit for "firing up" his team and "turning things around." It was so obviously fake that Castig and O'Brien said exactly what I said on the air.

So if they win, the headlines should be "Yankees victorious; Girardi's ejection obviously irrelevant."

I've been talking about these fake-fire-ups for years, it's funny to have announcers actually acknowledge it for a change. We'll see if the headline writers agree....IF the Yanks win. How sweet would a fake-fire backfire be?!


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