Saturday, May 18, 2013

So Much Better Now

Nice tenth: Pedroia undoes his Shite Nite (he had grounded into two rally-killing DPs and popped out with 2nd and 3rd to end another inning) with a leadoff single. Papi walks. Middlebrooks lays down the perfect sac bunt. Then after an IBB, Jonny Wad Gomes does what he's supposed to do: he hits a fly ball. He even stood and watched it as if to say, "I knew what my job was, and it's done, mofo." Go-ahead run scores and we win, 4-3, to stay a game out in the A.L. East. Uehara gets the save. Alex "Damien Pratt" Wilson gets his first MLB win. Miller did a fine job, as did BucHHolz.

My usual routine lately is hearing the first few innings in the car on my way home from work. And I've noticed they're way more "rock" this year going into each inning. I even heard Andrew W.K.'s "She is Beautiful" on there tonight! (Turn it UP! Aw come on, at least make it till the point where Andrew makes himself a smoothie. P.S. Speaking of Damien Pratt and Andrew W.K., I once gave Damien a ride and was playing Andrew in the car and he said "it's a shame about the sound quality of that album." And I just nodded and grunted but I really don't know what he meant because I love the sound quality! P.P.S You probably don't know who Damien Pratt is unless you lived in Danbury or Brooklyn.)

Only three teams in baseball currently have a better record than the Red Sox.

I made a list of more to say but it'll have to wait. Partly because I spent so much time filling out a survey from the Red Sox that I assumed would take 5 minutes, and now it's two int he morning. I failed to notice where it said it would take 35 minutes! By the 15-minute mark I was in too deep and had to make it to the end before doing anything else, even though that progress bar was practically moving backwards. I'll tell you more about it and all the other stuff I wanted to write about later. (Spoiler: It's the same old shit.) Good night, folks!

Okay fine, I stayed up longer just to give you a comparison between Damien and Alex:

Damien photo courtesy his MySpace. Alex photo courtesy ESPN.


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