Sunday, May 12, 2013

Second Place

They gave us a fun 8th, but lost it in the 9th.

As I understand it, you have a better chance of scoring with a man on third and one out than you do with a man on second and no outs.* Maybe Farrell had Drew's brother swing away since he's been hitting well lately. But I was rooting for the sac. Get the guy to third, then score him on a fly ball and go to extras. You only need one run there.

Dempster goes against a guy making his season debut Sunday in the latex liaison.

*You have a better chance of scoring MORE runs when you DON'T bunt there, but again, we only needed one.

The only problem with bunting is that the "better chances" you speak of take things like balks, wild pitches, and infield hits into account. One you take the rare events out of the picture, I'd rather have three outs to try and get a hit with.
The way I see it is, it should be easy to bunt a guy to third. And it should be easy to hit a fly ball to at least medium-depth outfield. So, just do those two things and the game is tied.

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