Wednesday, May 15, 2013


A lot of opposite field hitting tonight. Napoli, Gomes, Papi, Pedroia, these guys are all going the other way. Drew's grand dong was pulled, but it wasn't too far right of center. It's almost like everybody realized that's what they should be doing and did it. And boom, 9 runs. Recent Jeopardy correct response* Dustin Pedroia had been trying to pull pitches that were way outside, and was hitting dribblers. He has stopped that and is hitting over .500 in his last five games.

Lester gave up 2 runs on 8 hits over 7 to move to 6-0.

The Yanks lost 12-2, and the O's lost this afternoon, so us and Balty are now 2 games back.

Okay, so tonight Don was talking about the foul poles at the Trop, and suddenly he's a genius when it comes to poles lining up if you're looking down the line but appearing misaligned from the left or right. Yet at Fenway he's completely oblivious to the exact same thing! With the foul pole and the line on the wall which. If you're a regular reader you remember my detailed posts explaining this simple effect to Don. Hopefully one day he figures out it's the same concept at both places.

*But nobody knew it! It was the college tourney. They gave the name, all you had to do was name the team. Come on, people. One kid was from MIT!


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