Tuesday, May 21, 2013

NESN Thinks 6.33 Is Almost 9

First, the good news: Yanks lose on a homer in the bottom of the tenth. I caught the dong-followed-by-celebration on MLBN.

The Red Sox didn't get a hit through 6 and a third. NESN, at the end of the game, put up their three storylines of the game, and the top one was "Red Sox Almost No-Hit." That would be like preparing your new year's resolutions on September 14th. Or claiming the 2013 baseball season is "almost" over on August 5th. I could maybe see calling it that if we only ended up with one hit, but this was a game in which we scored a run on four hits. Great job by that pitcher, but he himself would tell you that he didn't even almost pitch a no-hitter tonight.

After Ortiz broke up the so-called near no-hitter, we loaded the bases, but Middlebrooks struck out on a pitch at his eyes that would have been ball four. Drew K'd to end the inning. So we didn't score, but it was only 2-0 as Doubront had a pretty good game himself.

In the eighth it looked like we might pull this one out. With two on and one out, their shortstop made an error, making it 2-1 and putting the tying run at third. But Papi grounded into a DP and there's your inning. I tried to feel better by telling myself that we were already in a better position because of the E, but myself didn't listen. The Honky Hose got the run back after two were out in the bottom half (we were using with the lesser "we're not winning or tied right now" relievers, in a theory used by all that I'll never understand), and we went down uno-due-tre in the pouring rain in the ninth. 3-1 Chicago, finality.

So we remain 1.5 back. O's and Devs are 4 out each. Jays are too far back to pinpoint their distance from the pack. But with an 18-27 record, they're one win away from NESN calling them almost a .500 team!


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