Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Move Along, Nothing To See Here...

Let me get this straight. Yesterday, every single player in baseball had camouflage clothes on. Pitchers were reaching into their arsenals to fire bullets, batters were hitting bombs, and fielders with cannons for arms were throwing lasers to first base. Anybody can say/do any of this stuff and it's fine. Yet one announcer calls a broken bat a "dead soldier" and people lose their minds.

I don't know if Keith Hernandez has been forced to make a "statement" yet, but I hope if he does, it's something along the lines of "Every baseball fan and military person knew what I meant, and therefore I apologize to no one as it would be completely unnecessary to do so. I refuse to run my life based on whether or not Twitter 'lights up' in reaction to things I say."


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