Friday, May 10, 2013

Lester's Bester

Lester only faced 28 batters. He faced 29 in his no-hitter. This one was better, it just lacks a cool name. Anyway it's good to see complete game shutouts regardless of how many baserunners are allowed. SOX win 5-0.

So sick of these hockey updates that happen right during game action. As if it's crucial to talk to those two hockey guys at that exact moment. They're just sitting there between periods! Why not have them talk during a break in the action? (I think we know the greenish answer to that one.) Or at the very least, start the incredibly unnecessary conversation after an at bat. And Ricky Gervais himself couldn't script the awkwardness that occurs every single time the two sets of announcers try to talk to each other, completely unaware of how long to talk, if the other is supposed to respond and when, how to end things, etc. Tonight they interrupted a PERFECT GAME for this crap. Imagine if the perfecto had been broken up right when the baseball announcers were forced to make chit-chat about hockey, with the game in a tiny box on less than half the screen thanks to the fact that we absolutely must see the two hockey guys as they talk....

Think, NESN!

*In case you think this has to do with the fact that I don't like hockey, I'll clarify: If they suddenly put up a live shot of me on my couch on half the screen during an at bat, you'd all get to see me yelling at them to cut the crap and show the damn game.*

Sunday is Mother's Day. Take your mom to Fenway! You get to run the bases with her after the game....

I'm with you on those horribly intrusive hockey updates. I myself have no interest in hockey. But here's my thing - let's say I did like both sports, and I'm flipping back and forth between the two channels. Intermission in the hockey game - which is when they do these interviews - is the exact time I'd be wanting to watch baseball. I'd flip to the Red Sox game, and there's a tiny little picture with no sound, and people talking about the stuff I already know about the game I was already watching.

The other thing I hate - I forget if you've mentioned it - is that they only put the box with the score, count, etc. up there from that one centerfield camera angle that they use while the pitch is in progress. So at the actual moment that you want to watch the actual pitch, you've got to check out the count and everything else. We've got the technology to have it up thre all the time, why take it away... don't want anything to get in the way of showing us the game? Hahahahaha!
Good point re hockey.

And yeah I mentioned the score box change. I think they had the right idea to remove it on plays so it doesn't cover things, but I agree, as long as it's gonna be there, give me time to look at it. It also kills me when I'm watching a DVR'd version of the game. In the past I knew even in fast forward what the outs/count was leading up to each pitch. Now it's much harder. I think the perfect thing would be to have it up but take it down right when the ball is hit, then put it back up when the action/replays are over.

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