Friday, May 03, 2013

I Honestly Do

My "musicians who recently died" playlist:

Gotta lead off with Richie Havens.

Then Divinyls set the table...with fruit, and then kick it on the floor with knee-high boots.

Kriss Kross dumps some rap & bullcrap....

And Slayer takes the final swing.

You can add in your own P-Funk or George Jones if you want. I think Jones is from the era of country that's acceptable for those with teeth to like, but I'm not sure.

P.S. Bonus connection to the previous post: Dana Carvey did a character based on his brother. This would become the inspiration for Garth Algar, who teamed up with Mike Myers' Wayne Campbell character. One one episode of Wayne's World, Wayne talks about Kim Basinger: "I don't want anybody else, when I think about Kim Basinger I touch myself."

SOX @ Rangers, 8:05, Doobie against Holland. Too bad Dempster pitched last night--it woulda been the battle of the Harry Caray impersonators!

Forget genres. Forget labels. Forget categories. When George Jones was in a groove there was not a better singer on earth.

As Elvis Costello said, "George Jones doesn't sing country songs, he only sings George Jones songs."

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