Thursday, May 30, 2013

I Can't Believe What I Just Saw

It's no exaggeration when I say I would have been happy if the Mets had won a game out of the four in their home/home with the Yanks. And they go and win all four. Supafly. Great job, Mets. Any Mets fan I see in the next few days will get thanks from me. Hearing "let's go, Mets" in the stands at Yankee Stadium as the Mets are about to win their fourth straight against the Yanks is every Red Sox fan's dream.

At the point the Mets won, the Sox game was still close. Fairly. But we tacked on a bunch of late runs for the easy win. So we're two games up on the Yanks headed into our weekend series in The Bronx.

Nice job by Ellsbury getting revenge via living well, stealing a team-record five bases.

Weird job by David Ross singing along to "Man, I Feel Like A Woman."

Bad job by Bradford not being familiar with a waste pitch.

Terrible by job by Don on Salty's near-dong. Oh yes, I'll be doing a video about that one. Stay tuned.

Did I hear Jenny Dell say that Jackie Bradley wasn't just named after Jackie Wilson, but is his grandson, too? How does a piece of info like that just come out of nowhere. I see nothing online about it, though I do see that Wilson had lots of kids and there's even a person who claims to be his daughter since Wilson raped her mother. So I guess there's a chance the family just discovered that either the mom or dad was an offspring of Mr. Excitement, but I'm guessing for now that Dell was smoking crack, and was getting higher and higher as the game went on. Because when Jackie told us all he was named after Wilson, don't you think he would have added, "who, by the way, is my grandfather"?


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