Monday, May 13, 2013

Go Mom

I've been in the dugouts. I've been in the clubhouses. I've walked the warning track. I've played catch in the outfield. I've taken swings at home plate. But I didn't complete the Sextuple Crown* until today--I have now run the bases at Fenway Park. Moms and "kids"--meaning me--were allowed to do it after today's Mother's Day game. So I filmed her as she sprinted around. We got to the front of the line and she was proud to be the first mom to reach home plate. I was the first adult kid to make it. Here's the vid:

If you pause it just before the end you see a kid with the t-shirt that I said right away should be a t-shirt.

I may post some pics from today's crappy game (we're now in third place) later.

*I guess you could include going inside the Green Monster as part of the Septuple Crown. I've never been in there! Only peered through the holes....

From mom:

"Mom here.

Yea! I finally get to star in a video. Thanks, Jere. So much fun even after a really crummy game."

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