Friday, May 31, 2013

Freakin' Evan, Man

You ever listen to this dork? I'm talking about Joe Ba-dingo's partner on the midday show on the FAN. He's starting to believe his own hype which makes him even worse than he used to be. I don't hate the guy, I just don't see how he deserves to have a job. Anyway, these guys are both Mets fans, but Evan decided he was gonna start today's show by telling everybody how realistic he is and how he refuses to be a "shill Met fan" and wave the pom-poms. Terrible job. This is the chance for Mets fans to brag and go nuts and be happy for once. But "Evan" was too cool for that. He said Mets fans should only be disappointed when they look at their team right now.

So it was even sweeter when Steve Somers started his show tonight with exactly what I expected: an over-the-top braga-fuckin'-docious monologue with tongue pressed only lightly in cheek about how these four days will go down in New York folklore, and how Girardi looked just as lost as his team did. It was eee-eff-eff-in' great. I can only hope Evan heard it and realized what he decided to deprive himself of.


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