Tuesday, May 28, 2013


There's a video I made about a Don/Rem error. I actually mentioned this play a few weeks ago. It was the one with the Ike Hilliard reference. I make mistakes of my own in the video, but as far as you know I purposely had Trupiano make them to show he's rusty. Rusty enough to think Joe's name is "Trupe"....

First-place Sox vs. Phils, 7:10

Enjoyed the Joe C. impression, and the fake tense exchange, too. I think the mini-leap Drew made gave it away, and Remy should at least have spotted that when the replay was on. So I'd say you had it right, because if they missed the leap-step live, they had the benefit of the replay.

Hold out for a big $ amount when NESN calls.
I will, thanks.

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