Monday, May 27, 2013

Alone In First

Red Sox WIN 9-3. That was cool how the Phillies' starting pitcher was a Nebraskan Red Sox fan, while I'm a New Englander Cornhuskers fan. Even cooler that he gave us a bunch of early runs tonight, and we never looked back. The only stain on this day was those idiotic digital camo color-stealing hats and uniforms. Kim noted it looked like birds had shit on all the players' rusty surgical caps.

THANK YOU METS! This was such a key win, taking the first of a forked four against the Yanks, in a non-Harvey start! I figured that was the only one they had a chance in. Instead, they come up with an 8th-inning tie-breaking run to vault the Red Sox into first place by ourselves. Fourth-best record in baseball.

Tuesday night it's Harvey against the Yanks and Dempster vs. Cliff Lee.


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