Thursday, May 30, 2013

3 In A Row

The Mets did it again, incredibly. Scored five in the first, taking all the pressure off of me, as they easily beat the Yanks for the third night in a row. So our loss wasn't that bad, though it kinda stinks that we ended up coming so close in the ninth, getting the tying run to third. We stay a game up on the Yanks. O's now 2.5 back, Rays 3 out.

Has anybody said why we're wearing the batting practice hats for games? Just for the hell of it? I guess other teams have been doing this? Am I the only one who doesn't know what's going on here?

According to Uni Watch all teams were asked by MLB to wear the BP caps during the "rivalry" games this week so they can sell more of them.
You are not alone. We noticed it and thought that the Phillies were probably also wearing BP hats. No idea why, though. - daddybcat
The UniWatch dude says MLB asked teams to wear the BP caps when playing their "natural rivals" because they apparently aren't selling well:

I think I read (at SoSH?) that MLB is telling teams to wear them for some games. So, presumably, fans can see them and then want to buy one for themselves.

Thanks, everybody. Obviously that thing happened where I wasn't around all day to publish comments, so, for those reading 100 years from now, let it be known that nobody saw anybody else's comment before putting in their own. Ask your great grandfather if you're still still confused re this phenomenon.

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