Sunday, May 26, 2013

(1st Place) Sox Win On Dramatic Comeback

During that ninth inning, I kept thinking of how I'd let NESN slide on all their errors and just talk about the win IF it happened. Sure enough, they don't even show the winning run score, choosing to show a low-angle shot of what turned out to be some guy's butt. Meaning I end up mentioning them in the first paragraph after all.

But that aside, what an amazing comeback win. Down to our last strike, we end up scoring four times in the bottom of the ninth to take three of four against Cleveland and move into a first-place tie with the Yanks, who got spanked.

I thought that new pitcher, forced to come in with a 2-1 count and the tying run on third, would throw two balls to Ellsbury to tie it up. But Ells was correctly thinking he'd get a strike, and he nailed it. Two runs score and we WIN. Awesome.


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