Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Yanks Fall To Third

My mom and Charlie were in the proverbial house for A's-Sox, and they saw a tight game-turned-blowout-turned-kinda tight game. We were down early when Middlebrooks broke out of his slump with a 3-run dong. Napoli's grandmother slamfather made it 9-3, but you couldn't turn your sets off there, folks. A 3-run 8th for Oakland made it close, and they had the tying run up. But we held on, 8-6. So many ex-Sox on that A's squad, next thing you know they'll get Jed Lowrie and bat him cleanup...oh wait.

Yanks lost, O's won. So the O's are now 2 out and the Yanks are 2.5.

Red Sox:

Best record in the A.L.
Only team in A.L. to have won more than 6 of our last 10 games. (8-2)
Best road record in baseball.

I picked Pedroia in that mlb Beat the Streak thing tonight--he was the only guy in the lineup without a hit, 0-5.

Tuesday night it's another 6:35 game, Batshit against Fatshit. Then Wednesday, don't forget, 4:05 start. Then the 5-14 Astros come to town--we should end up with a nice lil' April record this year.


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