Thursday, April 25, 2013

Welcome Houston Grasshoff, The New Kid In Town

The first three pitchers we face in the Astros series have the following ERAs over their last three starts: 8.78, 8.64, 8.56. They were able to pick up a combined one win in those 9 starts. At least their fourth pitcher has had a little success this year--but he's got a 7.04 ERA on the road.

Tonight at 6:35, Humber/BucHHolz @ Fenway.

Okay, unless you went to Ridgebury School in the mid-80s, you have no chance of understanding that subject line. We had this new student from Belgium in fourth or fifth grade named Kirsten Grasshoff. We called her "Houston" because she pronounced her name "kyew-stin" with a soft, breathy K. Actually, I forgot to mention her when I did that post about my theory that our school brought in robot kids from different countries just so we'd see something other than white faces in the halls. So since she was the new kid, and the Astros are new to the A.L., it all makes perfect sense and isn't weird or a stretch at all. Come on, I was gonna use that "Alex from Stroh's" reference from Funky Cold Medina. Would that have made you happy?


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