Wednesday, April 10, 2013

This Year's Deal With The Gate Openings And Whatnot

From a recent press release:

Fenway Park gates will open two hours before the game for the home opener and one and half hours before the game for the rest of the 2013 season. Season ticket holders and Red Sox Nation members may enter at Gate C two and a half hours before each game.

So they're going the simplistic route this year after recent controversy with certain areas being closed until a certain time and bla bla bla. An hour and a half before every game, all gates open, the whole park is accessible. STH and RSN gets in 2.5 early. I called and asked if my 10-game plan qualifies in this case--nope. They let me take batting practice on the field but for this, I don't qualify. Oh well, spent 15 bucks on a RSN membership, and I'm in early all year. I think my plan will be to easily snag 5 Napoli BP dong balls out in center each game and then move close for picture-taking.

That same release tells us about the PA situation: Some high school teacher named Henry will do the night games, resident old guy Dick Flavin will do day games, and BoBloBel will do Saturdays. I like that Flavin is involved. His old-man voice is just so anti-ballparks-with-pools-and-explosions, it's perfect for keeping the Fenway bare-bones tradition alive. I can just imagine him saying over the PA between innings: "And now it's time for the social media funtime inning. Just tweet number-sign redsox ... ya know, I'm just not even gonna read this. Enjoy some silence for 30 seconds, people."

Ha ha ha Wade Boggs is still crying for his number to be retired Ha ha ha

That was good for a laugh today
Ha, what a P.O.S.

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