Sunday, April 21, 2013

The Seven Wins You CAN Say On Television

Best record in the AL, a half game behind the best record in baseball.

Buchholz' ERA more than 0.90! Papi returned with a key RBI hit. And Nava sent everyone into a frenzy with a two-out, three-run dong in the 8th, turning a one-run deficit into a two-run lead. We needed that extra run as Bailey was a tad Hanrahannish in the 9th. Red Sox 4, KC 3 in game one. Game two and game three Sunday.

Under the crepe-hangers' rules (like Pete "Dishonest" Abe), the middle of the eighth inning would have been a somber time today. The team was losing, so no fun would be allowed. The fans would have all sat in silence. Fortunately, the team doesn't listen to those assholes, and continued the tradition of playing Sweet Caroline, sung by Diamond himself, as a special tribute to people who died and helped and shit, the crowd went nuts and sang their hearts out, it kept a positive vibe going, and the team immediately rallied and won the game. I'm glad I don't read any of those Boston writers or listen to their radio because I don't wanna know what they're saying now. But I'm sure there's backtracking going on. Kind of like how the entire Boston sports media forced the Red Sox to get players THEY liked and brainwashed everyone into thinking it's chemistry that wins games, and after all that, the Globe writes an article right before this season saying "Hey Red Sox, it takes more than just chemistry to win." Lowlife motherfuckers. By the way, I heard part of an interview with Farrell, and when the host, thinking he was so smart, asked "why does chemistry lead to winning," Farrell said, "it's the other way around." THANK YOU.

Where was I? Oh wait, I won't go back there yet, since I've got more to say about media assholes. Tom Caron, after the game, talking about the pre-game ceremony: "It was understated, as it should be." Again, Shaughnessey and Co. brainwash everyone into thinking that the Red Sox had a bad year because the owners focus too much on ceremonies (ya know, like, god forbid, ones celebrating Fenway Park being the first ballpark to ever turn 100 years old, or Red Sox teams who won the World Series), and now we have to hear "Oh don't worry, this ceremony honoring people involved in one of the biggest events in American history won't be too big a deal, we all know we don't want that...." They're just batshit at this point.

Okay, so yeah, that was a pretty awesome day overall. I love how the FCC backed Papi. Maybe the T-shirt could read "It's our FCCin' city!" But can somebody get Papi a necklace with the updated logo on it?

How did I know about the Globe article or the interview if I don't read/listen? Well, the Globe thing I just saw the headline and hung my head in disbelief. Didn't read article. And as for the interview, it was in the car n the way to my first game at Fenway this year. I tried to get some pre-game talk (pre- and post- on days I go to games are the only times I break my boycott) and I got that interview.

Bonus stuff: Funny when Remy asked Don the trivia Q of where the pitchers used to warm up. I knew it was alongside the dugouts, not just from old pics, but from the 1975 day/night Fenway postcards I grew up with in my room, and which I still have. The pics on those postcards show the rubber/plate on the warning track alongside the dugouts. They were there that late. And they went on to wonder about when the bullpens were put in, and then said "oh doesn't it have something to do with Ted Williams?" I mean do these guys know their history at all??

Then Remy talked about how more teams will only be in town once over the course of the season thanks to the new schedule, and therefore we'll see a lot more doubleheaders. Teams played 18 IL games last year, this year it's 20! Not that big a change, guy....
I had also planned to do a mock post about how all 30 MLB teams are wearing China patches in honor of the 100 dead and 5000 injured in earthquakes, and then I'd say how it's not real, the point being we should care about all humans, etc. etc.--but then while watching the ceremony, I was happy to hear the Fenway PA guy mention the China thing. So good job by them.
"how the entire Boston sports media forced the Red Sox to get players THEY liked"

The front office was forced by the media? How could you ever respect the Red Sox front office if you actually believe this?
Media brainwashed fans, team feels overwhelming need to do what "everybody" says.... I mean look at the advertising this year, it's clear that they've told every employee to talk about how the clubhouse culture has been changed. The same culture that won two championships.
Point is, the media screamed about bad chemistry for a year, then the team finally goes and "fixes" the chemistry, and the media has the nerve to go and say "it's gonna take more that THAT, guys...".

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