Tuesday, April 09, 2013

Stuff You Definitely Care About

So here's that thing I've been meaning to say for a few years now. It's about NESN's intro to Red Sox games. You know how we've got the banners for our championships? Red for WS titles, blue for AL titles, and white for AL East titles? Right. I know after we win a title, they make up a banner, but that banner becomes defunct once we go further in the same year. So there WAS a blue AL champs flag in '07, for example, but it was quickly replaced by a red WS champs one. You following this? Well NESN, on their intro, has this animation showing all our flags in the background. But for '04 and '07, they include both the blue AL champs flag AND the red WS champs one. Whereas you don't see a blue AL champs one for say, 1918, 1916, etc. It's exactly what you see on Yawkey Way, but with two bonus league champs banners for the two titles won under the new ownership. And maybe that's the key--they want to hype up the more recent wins. But then again, if they're going that route, why isn't there a white AL East champs banner for '07?

So, do you think it's a mistake? Or just wanting to have more recent banners...which would also include the mistake of omitting the 2007 AL East win?

Watch for it tomorrow night if you don't know what the H I'm T-ing about.

I haven't seen the opening, but is it possible that they just want to have some more variety in the animation? Instead of showing 10 banners, 12 is better? (Or whatever the numbers are.) Since they already had the '07 AL Champ banner made, they used it. But, they didn't bother going back to create an AL champ banner for 1912. Just a better graphic presentation with the resources they had.
It's the same opening they've had for a few years, nothing new (except the players shown in the foreground), you can even find it on YouTube, I just kept forgetting to bring it up until now. Yeah I guess they could have been going for variety, but it seems to me like it's a representation of Yawkey Way, and those banners just don't exist there. Plus, it's just the way we do it. There's only one banner per year. I can't sleep at night with this going on;)

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