Sunday, April 14, 2013


The Red Sox Chicagoed the Rays today, 5-0, as HH took a no-hitter into the eighth. So key to come back with two wins (both on national TV) after the two tough losses to the O's. So we're 7-4, still alone in first place. We've also won this rain-shortened series with the Rays, with tomorrow's game at 11 a.m., Dempster against whoever.

Remember that play where the grounder hit off Drew and rolled toward second base, and Pedroia picked it up and threw the guy out at first? Maybe it's just me, but I think Pedroia had a shot at the lead runner, by getting to the bag and then stretching out and picking up the rolling ball all in one motion. I'm not saying he did the wrong thing, since he got an out and saved the no-hitter, but, come on, make it fun! He could have even flopped down, landing with his glove right on the ball, his body fully stretched out, toe on the bag. Oh well.

I went. They let people onto the field to get pictures with players (Aceves, Jackie Bradley Jr., Pedro Ciriaco, and Lester were the only players I saw) starting at 11:30 AM. I got there at 12, you could walk pretty much anywhere on the perimeter.

I like that they actually have to work a little and do promotions.
I was thinkin' of you while the no-no was going on!

That's cool with the players and whatnot. They showed brief highlights from it during the broadcast, saying every player was out there except Buchholz since he was the starting pitcher. I was surprised at the informal set-up. I thought there would be "stations" with tables and Fan Services staff and roped off lines to stand in, but it seemed like they were all just standing out there and anybody could walk up to anybody.
Makes me mad that all the headlines say something like "Buchholz loses no hitter in 8th," focusing on the end instead of the awesomeness of getting that far. Glad to see you took the positive angle. - daddybcat
Cool.... Yeah it was a fun game, nothing to get upset about....

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