Thursday, April 04, 2013

Sox Win Opening Series Vs. Kim Jong-uns

What NESN said in regular, what they should have added in bold.

Mariano is used to getting those calls which is a travesty--there should be one strike zone, this guy doesn't need any help.

Mariano is so awesome and great but has struggled against the Red Sox more than any other team.

Mariano showed Jackie Bradley a thing or two by going inside then outside with a pitch clearly off the plate--it's a shame we didn't get to see a fair battle between the old-ass mofo and the phenom. Jesus fucking christ already why the fuck do we show you this technology which shows pitch location if we're not even gonna fuckin' mention it??

So we lose for the first time in 2013. But it was key to win the opening series. Now it's on to TOR.

Rod time:

Record: 2-1. Streak: Lost 1. Place: 1st. Mood: Still pissed at the MoZone.


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