Friday, April 05, 2013

Sox Move To .750

What were those people at Skydome doing? Pretending to be fans?

Pretty sweet-ass win tonight. Great ninth by Hanrahan! We're 3-1. Reactionary people, here's your chance to be reactionary in the positive sense! Do it!

I saw two things I'm very used to from the past and hope to see a lot this summer: Napoli dong. Middlebrooks dong. Brooks is on his way to that 40-dong MVP season I've been counting on.

Only four runs given up tonight, three by Doob, one by Tazawa. Ue, Bailey, and Han gave up nothin' each.

Yanks lost earlier, so they're 1-3, opposite of us.

Record: 3-1 (best in baseball). Streak: Won 1. Place: 1st. Mood: Thrilled with 1-0 start against Mighty On-Paper Jays.

Check out the linescore from's box:

The Jays didn't need to bat, despite losing. An 8-inning game. The box score also reflected only stats through the 7.5th. It's 2013, people.

Know what's weird? We're only 4-5 games into the season, and there are no undefeated teams or winless teams.

Saturday: Lackey against Happ at 1:07.

Bonus thing, from a recent article: "[...] talked proudly of the preservation of Fenway Park, the 102-year-old ballpark with a once-cloudy future." After all that last year, with people mistaking "100 years old" for "100th season" so often (it was the 101st, duh), now somebody goes the other way, calling the about-to-turn-101-year-old park 102. Terrible job, whoever that was.

On the bright side, uses the right logo. :)
Ha. But they do use the wrong on GameDay.....

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