Wednesday, April 03, 2013

Somebody Loves Us

Every day that the Red Sox beat the Yankees is the best day of my life.

Nice relaxing win again in Uptown/Bx. I'd say there was a little pressure in the ninth after having been way up for most of the game, but is it really pressure if no Yankee fans were left to see it? HH was pret-ty, pret-ty, pret-tyyyy good against whoever the fuck the Yanks are throwin' out there.

JaBraJu had his first major league hit, and it knocked in a run. Kuroda shit the bed/spit the bit, and got semi-injured trying to barehand a ball in sub-zero conditions. A four-run third put us up 6-0, and you could turn your sets off there, folks. This is Warner Wolf. Jim?

I hate context-less stats! Don tonight said this is the first time since 1935 the Red Sox have started the season winning the first two games in New York. Y'know how many times we've played the first two games of a season in New York between then and now? Five! In our sixth shot at it, we did it. Which isn't that crazy since there are three possible outcomes. But they'd have you think it's the first time in 70-something tries.

I also hate incorrect stats: Don said we started 0-6 the last two seasons. Wrong.

And can we figure out how to spell Buchholz, guys? It's only his 7th year on the team.

Oh well, they join ESPN, Bleacher Report, the NY Daily News, and a few others who have spelled it that the last week. (If you're a HH spell-checker like me, you know you can find several "Buccholz" instances in any given week--speaking of context.)

And now for the Jesus Loves You portion of the evening:
Record: 2-0. Streak: Won 2. Place: 1st. Current Mood: Getting a little wild-eyed in our excitement.

What was up with NESN showing the Olmec heads at Yankee Stadium. Did they drag them there just to drag them back, or did someone come up with the idea there and make them on the spot? - daddybcat

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