Sunday, April 14, 2013


What very, very, very, very, very important word is missing from the headline of this article?

Mom here:

Is this a trick question?
No it's a regular one. Clue: Does it make sense that we would have lost or tied every series, 6 per year, vs. the Rays, for the last 5 years? 30 series in a row? That would be a legendary streak.

Spoiler alert: Answer below.

They mean "season series." (We have tied them in the season series twice since '07 but haven't won once.) And you know what? Even if they had gotten it right, it still makes no sense to say we're eyeing a season series win just 2 games into a nearly 20-game series.
I thought maybe they were talking about winning the first series (of the year), but then they would have had to say "first first series." Yeah, poorly done.
Is that what the hell they were trying to say? I gotta go back and look again..... thanks.

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