Sunday, April 14, 2013

Perfect Saturday. Except For That One Guy.

Pretty sweet ending to today's game. Why'd that guy throw to first? I mean I know he didn't have a chance at getting the out at the plate, but what's throwing to first gonna do? Is there a chance he actually didn't know how many outs there were? Did anyone ask him? Can you check? Thanks.

Gotta love our Runs Allowed, 32, lowest in the A.L. Don't gotta love Hanrahan, who bed-shat yet again today. Fortunately Ue came to the rescue. Hopefully Hammer isn't bankrupt and finds his way again. Please Hammer, start hurting them.

Lester's ERA is 1.42.

After our game, I had the Yanks on in the car, and Sterling was going on and on about how great the Yanks are and how they're gonna be better than a lot of people thought and that he's serious about that and how Vernon Wells can still be a great hitter...and then he goes, "we've played 6, it's Baltimore 5, and the Yankees 3." All that and they weren't even winning the game! The Gods would go on to lose, falling a game behind us.

Speaking of delusions, there was a hilarious call to Franc. on the FAN a few days ago. Yankee fan calls up and says how the team is gonna be so fun and scrappy this year, with players like Wells and Hafner. Mike pointed out that this year's team has the highest payroll in the history of baseball, and that there's nothing scrappy about homer-or-nothing guys Vernon Wells and Travis Hafner.


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