Tuesday, April 09, 2013

One Da And Da

1.5, 2, 2.5, 3. Those are our leads against the rest of the teams in the AL East. The Yanks destroyed the Indians, and the Rays and Jays lost today/night. Wednesday night we resume our 'ries with the Orioles. It'll be Dempster's Fenway debut in a Red Sox uni. And Bradley's. And maybe some other guys's's's.

Hey, I forgot--we passed the deadline. The winner of that Super B0wl contest never got back to me after multiple attempts to contact him.* Boston Fan in Wichita is the Grand Champion! So he and Ryan will be getting their prizes in the mail soon. Let's say...within the next...few weeks.

*Though he did pull a "me in 5th grade"--I had been taking drum lessons with Mr. Lebetkin, and after a couple years of that silly drum pad when I thought I'd be bashing the skins on a full kit like Animal from The Muppets, I decided I couldn't take it anymore. Plus it was cutting into my regular classes and I was having a lot of fun that year for some reason. So I just pulled a Peter Griffin and decided I wasn't gonna go to the lessons anymore. One time, all three fifth grade classes were grouped into Mr. Moriarty's room for some fun-fest, and Lebetkin pops his head in to let me know it's time for my lesson. I give him the Okay sign, but I don't move. He assumes I'm on my way, but I'm staying put. John McElroy is sitting next to me playing drums on his thighs, reminding me that he's on to me and that I should be walking out to go to the lesson. I'm still not movin'. A few days later, Lebetkin finally gets me into a lesson and makes me admit that I've lost interest. "Last week I even came and got you and you still didn't show up."

Anyway, the contest winner did acknowledge that he won, but with further attempts to get his mailing address, he was nowhere to be found. I even tried to give him the full kit. But he had no interest, I guess. I understand. It's cool.


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