Saturday, April 20, 2013

Mid-Game Action

Nice ceremony today at Fenway, I wonder if the Shaughnessey/EEI/every fuckin' media moron brigade will mock the team for "too many ceremonies" now. (I also love how the anti-Sweet Caroline junta probably feels like shit right about now. Neil Diamond is in the house, I assume he'll be singing it. If that skinny shit Pete Abe has any "resilience" at all he'll continue to talk about how stupid and meaningless it is and how he hates freedom.)


Tom Werner said this might be the first time the team has worn "Boston" on the home whites, and that some crack research team is looking into it. Uh....I don't know how long it takes them, but it took me about 4 seconds to go to Dressed to the Nines and see that they clearly did used to do that. Also, I knew anyway!

Gammons continued the "New England hates the Red Sox" bullshit today too. He talked about how this current group is uniting with the fans and it's restoring the region's love for the team, which is more unpopular than its been in 15 years. Red Sox fans who loved their team even after 86 years of not winning, suddenly said To hell with it, and stopped loving them? Because they had a bad year? (In which the team was very much alive a lot later in the season than the "year-long disaster" junta seems to remember.) Are people just completely out of their fucking minds? I mean do you remember growing up, becoming a fan of the team, and saying, "I love this team always...unless they have a bad year after like 15 awesome ones in a row which include two championships, something that hasn't happened in decades"? The answer to that is "No, I'm not an asshole."

Okay, I took too long writing that so I can't get into Remy and Don being clueless about a few things, I gotta go to work. 1-0 KC in the 5th. I'll be Castiglioning it for the next 45 minutes....

I'm 70 and I've loved this team for years. I loved it last year and in 2007, 2004 and 1954 when I was 12 years old and all the years between.

My family was "born in to it" in 1620 when they anchored in Provincetown harbor. If you love this place than you must love this team. It's OK to be unhappy with them from time to time.

But if you lived behind the Yankee Wall as I have for forty years in New Jersey and have to line up in the supermarket with all those pinstriped "fans", you would more than love the Sox every time they put the Yankees in their place.

On those occasions I just smile.....

Don "Cape Cod Sox Fan" Smith
Nice job, fellow Smith!

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