Friday, April 19, 2013

Little Man In The Boat Fingered, Orgasm Ensues

I am so glad they got the guy alive! That is huge. After last night, I thought he'd kill himself, coward that he is. But once I found out he was alive and wounded, I changed my mind--I knew there was a chance of getting him alive. Because if you're purposely staying alive despite injuries, you obviously have a desire to live. I only wish there was a rule where if you do a crime and you get captured, you have to tell us everything. The guy's like 12 years old, though, I'm sure he'll cave.

Another thing I hope is that the guy has an epiphany while doctors are working on him tonight. He's the type of person who can put a bomb down in front of a little kid and then run away and let the bomb kill the kid. His "enemy" is completely innocent and his "fighting" is completely cowardly. And now that he's the enemy, I hope he sees how some people, though they have every right to let him die, will actually work hard to save their enemy. It's a little late for the guy to be learning lessons, but he has a long locked-up life ahead of him, and it would be nice if maybe in a few decades he could learn to speak out against the very thing that put him behind bars.


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