Thursday, April 04, 2013

I'll Make This Quick

I don't follow Boston media, so I never know anymore (thankfully) what the current bullshit buzz-topic is that they've invented and brainwashed everyone with.

But the the other day, I randomly came across two different people saying "the ownership needs to regain the public's trust." Uh oh. Coincidence, or "the thing" everyone's talking about? Yesterday when looking up Buchholz misspellings, sure enough, I see some horseshit article with the "trust" thing as its headline.

So I guess I, as an actual fan, need to address this. Here's my opinion: Usual Media Bullshit. This ownership came in, won two World Series, saved the fuck out of Fenway Park, and are constantly trying to do everything they can to make the team win. All while dealing with the critics coming at them from every gutter, trying to appease everybody at once. Last year they went out of their way to celebrate Fenway and the team, bringing back every single guy we ever loved, let us all tour the park, go on the field, and even take batting practice. God I hate that! Who can TRUST people like that??

So fucking stupid.

Dempster @ the The Dumpster tonight.


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