Sunday, April 07, 2013


Fun with Yankee stats:

They're the only team in the division...

in last place.
with a negative run differential.
with more than 30 runs allowed.
with fewer than 20 runs scored.
with a 2-or-more-game losing streak.

They're also tied for the worst record in baseball with the Astros and four NL teams.

So we've got that goin' for us.

I'd add "and Lackey got injured too!" but that would be mean.

We only had two hits today. One to start the game and one with two outs in the ninth. 5-0 loss to TORO. (Fuck the "usual" team abbreviations.) Anyway it got me thinking: Has a team ever played a game where they only got two hits, one to start the first inning and one to end the last? It'd be easier for the home team, with the final hit being a walk-off hit, but the road team could do it too if the last guy gets a hit and the final out is made on the play.

Here's Boucher:

Record: 3-2. Place: 1st. Streak: Lost 1. Mood: Two freakin' hits??


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