Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Five Straight

Should have been a blowout, but the fact that it turned into a hard-fought win can only be good for the ol' confidentiality claws.

We squandered first & second/no outs, loaded/no outs, and loaded/one out, in the first four innings. Fortunately we had scored three runs in the first before an out was made off Masterson. So we had a lead but I was getting pissed. We finally added a couple of single-run innings, but then they closed it to 5-3. But our bullpen held 'em down and we won 6-3. Some key strikeouts led to much living-room celebrating at my house. A feel-good win for the first-place Red Sox, our fifth in a row, and we're 10 and 4.

I hate how two different FAN hosts have noted how the Yanks are in good shape because there's no one solid team in the division. I guess their eyes are shut pretty tight. I also heard one of those two guys talk about how the Yanks have a great 'pen, and that's their advantage over the rest of the division. Fine, guy.

This is the second game this year where at least the first five batters reached base. That's pretty uncommon in general, let alone twice in a few weeks.

One of the big differences in NESN broadcasts this year is how the score box is only on the screen for the center field pitch cam. Good move. Now it can't block plays happening in the field.

Classic Don/Remy tonight when Jerry accused Don of stealing the mustard from the cafeteria, a crime Remy was blamed for by ballpark staff.

I wish they'd kept the camera on Victorino on the pop-up to the stands--he reached into a cupholder, probably to eat a peanut or something. But they cut away. Maybe the Cleveland feed noticed....

Once again I went to to look at the box score, and once again it ends in the eighth inning. This is a huge glitch and shouldn't be happening in a world where I can [insert some modern shit here] in the time it takes to [insert an activity that takes a very short amount of time here--use a slightly comical activity if possible].

So we lead the Yanks by 1.5, the O's by 3, the Jays by 4.5, and the Rays by 5.

Oh and for those of you who share my pain on the incorrect use of "walk-off," Castiglione, about the Pats' Day win, said "I hesitate to call it a walk-off since Pedroia was running so fast, heh heh..." Eye roll. I think even those of you who disagree with me on this wouldn't even agree with Joe's usage here, as the runner who scores the winning run is always running anyway.

The best thing about NESN's use of the score box is how they don't use the same square for the strike count and the pitch count, like TBS and Fox. I rarely am concerned with the pitch count but want to know the strike count on every pitch. Short attention span. - daddybcat
And by pitch count, of course I mean pitch speed. I care even less about that. - dbc

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