Saturday, April 27, 2013

Doing What We're Supposed To Do (Part 3 Of 4)

Another 'stros game, another win. Pretty much pressure-free again. 8-4 final. 12 hits, four guys with two each. Felix with frisky first but finds form.

So we now have the best record in baseball at 17-7. Our four-game winning streak is the best current streak in the majors. The rest of the division won, too, except the Jays, who fall to 8.5 back. Imagine that, the preseason World Series favorites 8.5 behind us and it's not even May yet. I love how after TC started the post-game by saying how Red Sox fans' expectations weren't that high going into the season, Jim Rice immediately came back with "well the media had something to do with that."

Did you like how Remy said Salty had "no chance" to throw out that guy stealing third tonight--and then after the replay showed that he was safe by mere inches, instead of saying, "okay, I guess he did have a chance," he decided to repeat his "no chance" theory? That's Jerry for you.

Two balls hit the ladder in the last two nights. I haven't checked, but I hope it doesn't lead people to bring up the old myth that the ladder was only hit twice in history or whatever. I wrote a post about it once that should clear things up for anyone who's confused. To sum it up, the ladder's been hit a lot.

Sunny with temps in the high 60s tomorrow in Boston, as Lackey returns and the Sox try to sweep four from Kenny Norris and the Astros at 1:35.


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