Saturday, April 27, 2013

Doing What We're Supposed To Do (Part 2 Of 4)

Remember, no dancing*. It's only the Astros. Four-dong night for us. Ross twice, Papi, and Middlebrooks. 17 hits in the 7-3 win. Dempster finally has a win, Johnny Wad Gomes finally has an RBI.

The O's and Yanks won, staying 2 and 2.5 back. The Jays and Rays lost, dropping to 6 and 7.5 out. We're tied with the Rangers for the best record in baseball, at a Broadway Joe-ish 16-7.

The 1918 Red Sox are getting the shaft tonight. We just "passed" them for the team record for most days in first place (26) to start a season. On the '18 team's 25th day, they went in with a one-game lead, and lost while the second place team won, tying the two for first. They stayed tied with Cleveland for three days before moving into first by themselves again, where they'd stay until late June, except for one other day in early June where they fell back into a tie. They were only out of first three days that whole season and won the World Series. But going back to that 25th day--they had played more games than the team they were tied with, putting them percentage points behind. They were never more than 0 games out of first place until late June. If you count this as "not being in first place," fine, the 2013 Red Sox have broken the team record. But in the "games behind" style of baseball standings interpreting, they have to make it to July before we start thinking about them breaking it. Could happen though.

Saturday night it's Felix the Cat vs. Bradley J. Peacock.


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