Tuesday, April 23, 2013


The A's pulled the ol' "x = hit 13-run pool on Tuesday," as the Daily News used to say. I told you Aceves was batshit. But you knew this. I'm glad I didn't see it--I heard "the inning*" via Castiglione. He was pretty frustrated. And we didn't hit for shit. A 7-inning, 13-0 lambasting in the cold rain. Rubber game tomorrow at 4:05.

*Walk, single, walk, walk, strikeout, 2-run single, balked-in run, sac fly, play where Aceves doesn't cover first in time then throws ball away for a run, balk, routine grounder that Middlebrooks makes a bad throw on for a run, groundout. 6 runs on 3 hits. You could turn your sets/radios off there, folks.

Bonus Thing: I was gonna let it go. I decided if they misspelled a word/name on the B-Strong jersey auction pages, I'd just not worry about it for a change. But, I gotta do it. Because they spelled Boston without a T. In all 40 auctions. You'd think something like this would be important enough to warrant having ONE person peruse the text before throwing it up online. Even a skim. Can I get a skim? Maybe just the proper names? Anyway, here's an example. But it's on all of 'em.


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