Thursday, April 18, 2013

6 Straight

Was waiting for the Yanks game to end before I posted--in the 12th, the D-Backs hit a tie-breaking grand dong! So the Red Sox are now 2.5 up in the east.

11-4 WIN! Two straight road sweeps! Tonight Lester continued our streak of starters giving up 3 or fewer runs. This streak has lasted the whole season so far. That 3-run 7th was some feel-good shit again, as we turned a 3-2 game in a 6-2 game. And I don't mean "feel-good" in a "because there were bombs in the city" way, as I'm one of the few sports fans who realizes that sports has nothing to do with that stuff. Sure, the Red Sox winning helps me feel good after bad real-life stuff happens, but what if I were a lifelong Bostonian who always rooted for the Indians? Would the team from my town beating my favorite team tonight after my city was terrorized make me feel better or worse? The answer is worse. I mean, after 9/11, to me personally, the Chicago paper (or whoever) should have said "We are all Red Sox," because I, a Red Sox fan, am from the New York area. See what I mean? It just seems like everybody thinks the country is made up of only cities, all with sports teams, and every citizen of each city roots for that city's team. It's so much more complicated than that. My hometown and current city are in states with no sports teams, my favorite city is New York, and I'm a lifelong Red Sox fan. What town/city needs to be bombed for everyone to talk about how resilient I am? Which ones being bombed require me to suddenly sing the song of another sports team, or others to sympathize with mine? What if people in West, Texas die? And in the end, does any of this sports stuff matter to families of victims, especially those who don't give one shit about sports?

Okay, that was just a little of what's been spinning around in my head the last few days. Where was I.... oh, so that Mike Carp is kicking some ass, huh? And I love how Nava has really made a name for himself. He's a real boy, no longer made of wood. And Castiglione totally called the Salty Dong tonight! A few pitches before, he said Salty would love to blast one here, or something similar. Then he hit a rocket to break the 1-1 tie.

Now we go home for a long homestand, and Papi should be back. And I'm sure people will get "choked up" over the national anthem, another thing I don't understand. People have said things like "we're all Americans" after this bombing. Man, what a chance they missed to say "we're all human." It was an attack, possibly by Americans, on an international event, with the dead being only 2/3rds American. This isn't America against someone else. This is non-assholes vs. assholes. Is there a country with no assholes? Can we please play that country's national anthem? Now that would make sense.

P.S. If you disagree, remember that we're on the same page. ASSHOLES went and killed innocent people, and almost killed my girlfriend, and they should be caught and should pay for their crime, and it pisses us the fuck off. It's just the further reactions we disagree on...or that you feel I'm thinking too hard about....

I should add though that I thought Obama's thing about sports in his speech including the "Boston you're my home" line was pretty damn cool. But, again, would non-sports fans from Boston care? Or lifelong Bostonians whose teams happen to play in other cities, or are even rivals of the Boston teams? I know I'm not alone with this shit, as I see cars all the time with Yanks and Patriots sticker side by side. I guess they're too busy counting their rings to worry about this stuff the way I do.
And you could tell me "look, 90% of fans in a given city like that city's team so just stop thinking about yourself and realize this is just the easiest way to do it," and I'll give you that, but two things are true: 1. sooo many people live outside of cities or in cities without teams, and 2. soooo many people don't care about sports.
I understand what you are saying, but I think it's what we, as humans--whether rural or urban, sports fan or not, do. We find ways to support those in distress. Whether you are into sports or the ballet or guns & ammo, Boston is synonymous with the Red Sox. So, it makes sense that a public show of support focus on the Red Sox. Other fans singing Sweet Caroline says exactly what you want--that we are all human. And that life is about much more than who we root for.

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