Sunday, April 07, 2013

6-Dong Extravaganza

Brooks Was Here! Thrice! Against Dickey, he donged, then doubled, then donged again. They brought a new guy in, and he donged off him too. These were rockets. In his last at bat, he wailed the first pitch and it looked gone, but it fell short, so he didn't get the rare 4-dong game. Nava finally joined the dong brigade after a couple of deep flies. Napoli crushed a ball that got out to the second deck in center in about 0 seconds. Ellsbury added a bomb of his own. Final: Red Sox 13, Blue Jays 0. Bevo-style.

Underrated in today's donslaught was Lester, who gave up zilch over 7. Vigo threw two shutout innings too. (MLB once again has its boxscore ending in the middle of the eighth. Unbelievable.) And Iglesias had his fourth multi-hit game and we're only at game 6.

I'm still pissed that the betting site didn't have Middlebrooks listed in their "AL home run king" bet. Why did everyone forget about this guy? The perfect Fenway swing, a dongtastic 2012 in his short time before the injury. And he's got 4 homers before even playing a game at Fenway this year! He's set himself up for a nice home opening day ovation tomorrow.

Let's see how we're feeling. Rod?

Record: 4-2. Streak: Won 1. Place: 1st. Mood: Feels so good goin' home.

Despite the 13-0 win, NESN thought it was 3-1 at one point?

How?? Somebody had to type that "1" in, right?

And what was up with the Remy highlights? They tell us about his first opening day with the Red Sox in 1978. But the corresponding highlights are clearly of Remy in the post-'78 home uniform. Don did say that only the first highlight was the opening day one, but, no. It was May 8, 1983, first inning, off of Matt Young. Only time he ever tripled against Seattle at home. 1978? I could see Dave Henderson out in center field! And, of course, the uniform being wrong was the dead giveaway. Even Remy himself seemed puzzled that it was supposed to be '78. I didn't look into when the other two highlights were from, but both had the post-'78 jersey so they totally effed up on this. Unless Don just got it all wrong. But I think they were trying to make us think that first highlight WAS from Remy's first Red Sox opening day, since he tripled and what they showed was a (different, from five years later) triple. (He must have hurt himself on the triple they showed, as he would leave that game shortly after. He returned the next night though.)


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