Tuesday, April 16, 2013

4 Straight

A nice 7-run second was pretty much all we needed tonight, as we beat Tito's Tribe 7-2. That 3rd inning was a potentially costly squander. The first guy hit what looked like a double and I assumed he was on second, since at that point we had the big lead and Kim and I were "talking about our day" at that moment. So then the next guy hits what I think is a run-scoring double to make it 8-1. Instead I see the runner rounding second, and the hitter again stops at first. Two "doubles" that were actually singles--and we end up not scoring any runs. I was thinking about that in the 5th when the tying run was on deck with Doubront right about at the end of his rope. (I'm surprised NESN didn't show Bobby Valentine at home.) But he got Mr. K to pop out on a ball that Victorino should have called off Pedroia on, instead of letting us all have the April version of the sports version of a heart attack.

So with the 4-game win streak we move to 9-4, 1.5 games up in the east. This is what good pitching can do. Last year it bed-shat, simple as that.

I had Castig for the first inning or so, and I didn't hear him mention the marathon armbands. What was up with those? Were they just black rubber bands since they didn't have time to sew on real ones? And Pedroia's seemed to be duct tape. Then of course you had Doubront pulling a Bill Lee and not having it on the pitching arm. And why were they going right through the hanging sox for some players? Same with Cleveland, some had it going right through the face on the sleeve.

Tomorrow night it's old friend Justin Masterson against Aceves.

I think I know who bombed the marathon. You know how there are paranoid nutjobs who think every act of violence is fake, staged by the black president in order to take their guns away? Well I think think this was one or two of those people, in response to the Newtown shooting. The 26th mile of the marathon was dedicated to Newtown. One bomb was right around the finish line and the other was close to the 26-mile marker which bore the Newtown town seal. Whoever these crazy people were, they wanted to kill lots of innocent people so they chose a place with a big crowd, but where else are they gonna find a big crowd, that's on national TV, that's specifically related to what they think is the ultimate conspiracy, the Newtown shooting? I've even heard one of their lead nutjobs saying that even it it was some random terrorist, the media will blame "Christians and Constitution-loving patriots" anyway. They've brainwashed their followers. The irony would be if the very people who believe this shit ended up pulling off an attack to protest it, and then claimed it too was staged! I think they're just stupid enough to do that.

Anyway I'm not blaming anybody until they figure out who did it, but the "every single thing the news says is staged by the scary black man to take our guns away" faction is unfortunately bigger than people realize. And much like they claim everything is a set-up, they themselves have it set up perfectly, where they can always make it look like they're being blamed no matter what happens, and if they want, they can go out and kill people...and say it was a set-up by the people they're so afraid of. (Here's a good article debunking the nutjobs' theory that this and all bombings happen right when bomb drills do, so that if the bombs don't work the government can claim it was "just a drill.")


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